We produce cold coffee with more than 35 years of experience in coffee.

Our company started its business life in 1983. Our main fields of activity are Coffee and products, Sugar cubes, Flavored powdered drinks (Oralet and derivatives) production, Fuel stations management.

Within the frame of institutionalization of our family company, we established Altın Çekirdek Kahve San.Tic. We have positioned our company under our company and divided the fuel station management and production between our sister companies.

Gold Core Coffee San. Tic. We started our Cold Coffee R & D studies with the support of TUBITAK under our company. As a result of our efforts to develop products for coffee, Turkey's first domestic production "Liquid Cold Coffee," We won the title of generating companies.

We produce our products in our specially designed machine band with our experienced staff in compliance with all hygiene, health, safety and environmental factors.We have the necessary certificates in this regard and are subject to special audits of our partners.

There is absolutely no preservative in our products and Shelf life is 16 months. We achieved this with our special sterilization method.

In addition, our products do not contain glucose syrup, milk powder and colorants.

We use real milk, real beet sugar and real coffee beans which we carefully select and import.

Cafekeyf products have been sold in the last 5 years in countries such as Azerbaijan, Germany, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Afghanistan (UN Military Bases), South Sudan and Russia.

Turkey's every point we can ship our products with dealership network we have created.

Our aim is to sell our Cafekeyf branded products by our partners and is consumed by our end-user customers with pleasure.

We are among the leading cold coffee producers in Turkey. We are one of the best cold coffee brands in Turkey.

We are a wholesale iced coffee producer in Turkey. We can use your labels, produce private label iced coffee and send it all over the world. We can produce iced coffee cans according to your needs.


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